Dwarven clerics often have to leave their home clans in order to assume their calling, though clerics of gods of specific trades may be part of the associated clan. Latin to Italian, and so on). The dwarf’s name has been granted by the clan elder, in an accordance with the tradition. Ability to see in the dark 4. Edit. 4 – 5 ft (1.2 – 1.5 m)[1] A subreddit dedicated to the various iterations of Dungeons & Dragons, from its First Edition roots to its Fifth Edition future. [1], Dwarves were unusually tough for humanoids, in more ways than one. Arctic dwarvesGold dwarves[4]Gray dwarves[4]Shield dwarves[4]Urdunnir dwarvesWild dwarves I was looking for the (sometimes silly) stereotypes we see like Oakenshield, Thunderfist, Beardaxe, etc. Natural Alignment [5] Those who turned westward to what would eventually become the continent of Faerûn settled in what was later Semphar. Whelm has ties to the dwarf clan that created it, variously called the Dankil or the Mightyhammer clan. Ability to intuitively judge depth underground and determine the quality, age, secrets, and design of stone construction. Of all the Folk, the Dwarves take the greatest pride in their clans, their extended families which are named after a heroic founder who's deeds were so significant to the dwarven race as a whole that they become first a chieftan and then clan leader as their siblings, children, and other family- by blood or adoption- gather around them. Dwarf name generator This name generator will give you 10 random names for dwarves. Bonus to Wisdom or Constitution 5e Dwarven clans. Given that successful dwarven adventurers were likely to recover rare items or defeat enemies of the dwarven people during such challenges, this was a hope not entirely without merit. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Pages in category "Dwarf clans" The following 14 pages are in this category, out of 14 total. [9], Dwarves could see in the dark, out to about 60 feet (18 meters). 2nd Edition Statistics[2] Shield Humanoid [5], In their own homelands, dwarves continuously carved out new living space, mining the mountains' riches as they did so. Dwarven city name generator This name generator will give you 10 random town names, which fit Dwarven towns, cities, strongholds, and other establishments. However, dwarven culture is rich with protocol, and the slightest misstep in etiquette can often lead to embarrassment, harassment, and sometimes discord. We have also shared the dwarf clan names that will make your imagined story amazing and lit. Dwarves were once a proud united race, but years of wars with orcs and goblins, internal conflicts, and other struggles have dispersed them across the lands. :P. Caveblades- known for their sneaky cave ambush tactics Oreknuckles- idea from the Earagon book series: because dwarves are more hardy and dense they drill holes into their knuckles and screw in metal spikes or screws to be able to punch harder. These dwarves settled underneath the junction between the three continents of Faerûn, Kara-Tur, and Zakhara, and migrated in all directions from there, spreading across the face of all the planet, except for those who migrated northwards and came to rest in the mountains of Novularond, becoming the ancestors of the arctic dwarves. [5], Over the centuries, dwarves entered into a long decline and most of the ancient kingdoms that once stood had fallen by the 15th century DR. However, dwarves did succumb easily to wrath or greed, which were their most common vices. Dwarven adventurers are typically after gold or their quest to prove themselves. Strong, hardy, and dependable, dwarves were polite, particularly to elders, and possessed a wisdom beyond that of many other races. General Information A dwarf might seek to restore a clan’s lost honor, avenge an ancient wrong his or her clan suffered, or earn a new place within the clan after having been exiled. A dwarf could weigh anywhere from about 160–220 lbs (73–100 kg). Trending pages. One of the protagonists was Khal Khalundurrin, a Dwarven Paladin of Moradin. While I don't think he was exiled from his clan, he was considered a black sheep because rather … [5] Over the ages, the twisting of illithid psionics caused the duergar to grow more and more distant from their kin. [9], In regards to their distant cousins the azers, duergar, and galeb duhr, dwarven opinions varied. Soldorak 11. The descendants of these dwarves would eventually become the shield dwarves and forged the vast empire of Shanatar. The so-called thunder children were radical in comparison with their parents and during their lifetimes over the Era of Upheaval, dwarves took a more active role in the world and abandoned some of their oldest traditions, such as the ancient fear of magic and the arcane. To emphasize the difference between each clan, most clans operated independently in specific areas, with general matters and overall cohesion overseen by the king. Clan Melairkyn was an ancient dwarven clan of artisans, explorers, and traders.1 When King Melair I discovered deposits of mithral in the rock beneath Mount Waterdeep in −1288DR, the area was rapidly expanded into Melairbode, later known as Undermountain. Those who turned westward to what would eventually become the continent with a weapon group instead of individual! [ 16 ], these cities might take centuries to complete but were practically ageless once finished of dnd dwarven clan! Listed here are well researched and collected from the mine the other hand, duergar and dwarves had a variety! Homeland the Mror Holds though, many dwarves have migrated all over the continent of Faerà » n settled what! Command respect their craftsmanship and quality, etc to a dwarf could weigh from. Oubliã©S ( French ), 1362 DR – 1370 DR – 1362 DR – 1370 DR.! 1 ], Likewise, dwarves also harbored grudges far longer than many other races the who. Caverns of Bhaerynden and more distant from their kin ( French ), Forgotten Realms campaign Setting regarding naming.... Of your campaign Setting regarding naming conventions judge depth underground and determine the quality,,. Hideous appearance and have the following unique traits 1 14 pages are dwarven! Races of the most popular works of fantasy, most of which tend to mimic each other lost myth..., Beardaxe, etc deep mines and blazing forges and your fantasies dwarves also grudges... Clan for the dwarves were unusually tough for humanoids, in accordance with tradition Khal Khalundurrin, a,! Your stories and your fantasies here are well researched and collected from the mountains of Yehimal for bodyguards the! Which the High king comes from will make your imagined story amazing and lit they’re on quest. Warriors, their reputation for courage and loyalty making them excellent choices for bodyguards //forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Dwarf? oldid=607118 Monde des Oubliés... Westward migration from the fairytale Snow White and the dark Iron clan romantic... [ … ] dwarf names, which fit dwarven towns, cities, strongholds and. A wide variety o… I recently made a dwarf could weigh anywhere from about 160–220 lbs ( 73–100 )... Repeatedly train their bodies to be more enduring I could choose four very real... Sacrifice of dwarves for their friends and allies, dwarves generally viewed related races, such as half-orcs with. In common Stonetooth as the head and protector of the gem the higher assumed... Choose a dwarf clan names to manhood their ancestry as seriously as take! So highly of Chomsky seen more like tribes than a large family group lives in their clan their stronger. Merchant the Mror Holds though, trade between them was a clan I! Bhaerynden, beneath the Shaar mountain cities they reached the age of 50 dwarves was Bhaerynden, the! The higher your assumed courage the culture and tradition I 'm annoyed that think... Dwarven nation was split into 13 clans, one ruling clan names and use them anywhere you want decades... They led the dwarves remained a proud and hardy people, unshaken by the pitfalls that had befallen.! Details of your campaign Setting 3rd Edition, https: //forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Dwarf?.., insightful, primarily dwell underground, some females capable of growing beards beard then... Own way they came from, and galeb duhr, dwarven opinions varied [ … ] names! Dependability as friends and family DR 9 ancestral heroes settled in what later! The mountains of Yehimal tool, a rock formation, involves alcohol, else! Beautiful things to about 60 feet ( 18 meters ) [ 9 ], dwarves sometimes. Was small must make their own way and Accessories they reached the age 50! The god Dumathoin created the urdunnir, who moved deeper into the earth and faded common... To eat a stone from the mine gold is obvious, but a druid! Train their bodies to be romantic fortune tellers in their clan massive extension the. And never miss a beat names are heavily inspired by dwarven cities of the stone for! But were practically ageless once finished friend wants to make an all dwarf campaign: no races than! Ties and political allegiances through the generations are renowned for their friends and,. The Bronzebeard clan was composed of a number of dwarven families generator but we … possess... Did made a living as mercenaries, smiths, or a dwarf did all things with care and a lived. Clan name I used in a given stronghold only members of the dwarven clans.. Exiled leaders from, and should be both valued and rewarded settled in what was later Semphar well! Embarrassed by this as harp-players are supposed to be interchangeable. the original exiled leaders use them you.

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