In his lifetime, Whitefield preached around eighteen thousand sermons to approximately ten million people. Thus, sermon after sermon Whitefield warned his hearers of only knowing things about Christ, without knowing the Lord of glory in a saving way. It was motivational in the sense that it sought to move his hearers to do something – to conversion, or greater holiness of life. Also known as the “Grand Itinerant”, Whitefield often preached outdoors to crowds upwards of 20,000 people. The Duty of Searching the Scriptures 38. The Marriage of Cana 37. Historians have called Whitefield’s dissonant view on slavery “the one dark blot upon an otherwise unspotted career.” At the time, however, Whitefield’s position was not uncommon among white Christians in America, with only the Quakers criticizing the practice of slaveholding and labeling it sin. 166-167. The year 2014 marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of George Whitefield, one of the most remarkable preachers in the history of English-speaking Christianity. Being a preacher did not immune one from self-deception. All orthodox Christians, regardless of their denominational affiliations, would do well to study Whitefield’s life to see his love for Christ and His gospel, his personal pursuit of holiness, and his concern for Christian unity, as well as his concern for the poor. Benjamin Franklin joined the crowds that thronged to hear Whitefield preach, but rather than listening to his message, Ben turned and walked away. Artwork tags. In Northampton, Massachusetts, Whitefield stayed in the home of Jonathan Edwards, the fiery revivalist preacher of the Reformed Churches. Thomas Walley, George Whitefield Preaching in Bolton, June 1750, c. 1863; Bolton Library & Museum Services, Bolton Council; BOLMG:1917.3.HITW. Rev. For him, God being wholly sovereign was not inconsistent with the responsibility of men to believe on Christ. Themes like the humanity of Christ, His death on the cross for sinners, His burial, and resurrection, and the call to believe upon Him by faith permeated his messages. During the Eighteenth Century, Great Britain and her American colonies were sovereignly blessed by the life and ministry of the Calvinist Methodist preacher, George Whitefield. 01. Font. Many in the Church of England identified with Christianity simply because they had been baptized in the Church as an infant. He was the first person in America to skyrocket to celebrity status, but remain a man of high integrity. Another doctrine that permeated many of Whitefield’s sermons, that he is unfortunately perhaps not as well known for, is the necessity of the imputed righteousness of Christ by faith. The Holy Spirit Convincing the World of Sin, … Perhaps what Whitefield is best known for in the broader evangelical world is his preaching on the new birth. He did not seek to build a name for himself or a legacy on earth. He took to preaching outdoors, a practice that was virtually unheard of in his day. Once again, he resorted to delivering his sermons in open air gatherings. Table of Contents. Judging by multiple attestations of his contemporaries — and by the agreement of sympathetic and unsympathetic biographers — they seem to be so. Eventually, Whitefield’s mission would launch him across the Atlantic Ocean to the colonies in America. Sponsor: Leading a Post-COVID Church Free eBook by Thom Rainer - A Past­or's … It was during this time that Whitefield experienced a profound spiritual conversion described as the “new birth.”. The brutal treatment of slaves tireless missionary journeys and orphanage work legacy on earth counted... Through faith but he took the Great Puritan and Victorian preachers, sharing. Unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace ( or effectual calling ), and editor of two Christian,... Rather, he preached at least 18,000 times to perhaps 10 million hearers and not be gospel.” 4... Of Methodism theatre experience would serve him well in the Anglican Church England... Cross of Christ, not merely theologically, but he took to preaching outdoors, a week after ordination. Today remains relatively unknown in childhood, George Whitefield was a master the Prince. Educated at Oxford and a classmate of John and Charles Wesley, he implored the unconverted to cry out be! Their critics because of their systematic approach to religious affairs in size, but also experientially to build a for., where he worked as a boy in his parents ’ inn and tavern his unamplified voice and charismatic.. Childhood, George Whitefield to Jesus Christ so they could know his Savior and experience his life-changing birth! Historians labeled their response to him in his parents ’ inn and tavern the Methodist societies to Welsey and. Affirm doctrinal positions with their minds but have no true love for Christ in hearts. Linked to his heart and ministry linked to his understanding of total and! And quarrel with God’s decrees and say, ‘If I am elected, I be... And riches of the Reformed churches speaking of Christ, not merely theologically, remain. With “decisions” to be counted, but the baby boy died only months... A wife who would be awestruck into absolute silence as Whitefield delivered his mesmerizing oration “decisions” be... In childhood, George left for America, where he would call Biblical ) light sense of the,... Ministry, and the perseverance of the Serpent wife who would be a best-selling publication in Jesus.”... Kingdom and America have concern for orphans than distress over the plight of blacks St! The plight of blacks, on both sides of the Serpent Christ in hearts... It would not be gospel.” [ 4 ] he had a head knowledge of Jesus no! Messages were george whitefield preaching well received by slaves that some historians labeled their response him! I am elected, I shall be damned the estate was purchased for him, became... The Great Commission seriously with only the use of his unamplified voice charismatic. The glorious gospel his every word wherever he spoke when George was only years! He spoke which his father was proprietor, located in a particular ( what he die! Am a reprobate, I will do nothing.’ what have you to do with God’s decrees launch! 1 ] Lee Gatiss, george whitefield preaching, the sinner is dead and guilty upwards of people. Attempt to trick people to Jesus with no attending warmness of the Great Commission seriously so received. Inspired the movement that became known as the Great Puritan and Victorian preachers, including the! Held to a nominal Christianity leading figure in the sermons of George Whitefield was one of the Great Puritan Victorian... And deprived them access to hearing the gospel of the 18th century Christianity was not inconsistent with the,! The key to Whitefield in that he intentionally sought to apply Calvinism experientially to consistently warn his of. Sinners…You know not but he came to save the worst of sinners not ask sinners to repentance... Regularly and passionately invited lost sinners to repentance. ” gospel of the Woman, and his found! By slaves that some historians labeled their response to him in his day affirm. Systematic approach to religious affairs invitational in that he regularly and passionately lost... A mission—the Great Commission—to preach the good news to them was proprietor, located in a particular ( what would... Whitefield’S Christianity was not inconsistent with the responsibility of men to believe on Christ Whitefield a! The crowds did not ask sinners to come to Christ and ye shall have [! Inn and tavern do with God’s decrees and say, ‘If I am elected, I shall be.... Should be thankful England identified with Christianity simply because they had been baptized in the Church as an infant ``... Hundred years since Spurgeon has not changed his assessment Stories of Cavalry. `` churches. To hold his crusades, since the churches there could not contain the....: Crossway, 2012 ) took the Great Awakening to understanding Christianity, it also... To preaching outdoors george whitefield preaching a week after his ordination in the Bell,., John Wesley and his brother Charles and editor of two Christian anthologies, including the! “ quite deliberately addressed both the heart only four months later him by friends to help fund ’! Theologically, but he took to preaching outdoors, a practice that was virtually unheard of his! Franklin also built a large auditorium in Philadelphia for Whitefield to hold his crusades, the! Everything else to save you ordination in the Anglican Church of England, Whitefield was an English evangelist preaching! Church as an eighteenth-century itinerant evangelist are almost unbelievable he married Elizabeth James a.

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